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All civil, electro-mechanical and plant commissioning  projects is our specialty, task us with any of these, no matter how complex and we will bring the best result to you

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Our Specialization

We specialize in all civil, electro-mechanical and plant commissioning  projects, including but not limited to those listed below.

Multidisciplinary Engineering Services

Based on a solid construction background, we undertake multidisciplinary engineering design, ranging from civil, mechanical, electrical and process design in line with customer needs and targets. Our designs are tailored to your budget and needs, while complying with all relevant international specification and code of practice, in terms of quality control and assurance, safety and operation need, and at the same time providing flexibility for future expansion.

Provision Of Support Services

We also provide technical support services such as:
* Project Management team
* Community based manpower supply
* Quality control and assurance personnel
* Commissioning and start up team

Maintenance Of Existing Facilities

In the field of modification, rehabilitation, revamping and maintenance of existing facilities, we have gained an extensive experience, wide ranging know how through the years. Close cooperation with customers and continuous benchmarking against their needs has driven us to meet their current plant demands, with maintenance and reduction of operating cost as the main objective.

Construction of New Plant and Facilities

We execute construction of new plants and facilities, either on EPC basis or on joint ventures basis. Our in-depth experience in the construction industry, flexibility of approach to project execution, project costing ,planning and management skill, quality control and assurance methods, commissioning and start up, are our key asset.

Natural gas Facilities systems design and installation

Because Natural gas is safest, cleanest and most efficient burning fossil fuel and its help in addressing several environmental problems, such as smog, acid rain and green house effect on the environment. We are constantly improving on the various uses of natural gas.

Construction and supply of Modular units

Plant Modulization resolve difficulties related to construction work in remote area, with minimum site installation and interconnecting activities required, we undertake construction of modules be it vessel or skid mounted facilities and transport them to your required location for installation and commissioning

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